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GolfCamHD Open Beta

4 usd

Get GolfCamHD free. Send for a download code to and use your code during the checkout process by selecting ‘Redeem your code’ as your payment method. We are looking for lifelong partners ready to get to their next level of play. This offer is limited. Request your code now! Visit our website often to find out whats next at: http://golfcamhd.comRevolutionize your time at the practice tee and radically drive improvement into your golf game with GolfCamHD, the voice controlled golf video capture system from GCHD. It has everything you need and nothing you dont.
+ Voice Control - Starts Camera and Controls all Video Capture Settings+ On-Screen Alignment Grid+ Full Motion Video Playback with Sound+ Analysis Viewer with Dual-Pane Compare, Slow-Motion, Line Draw and Sharing tools+ Gallery with Playlist and Tag Editor+ Satellite Range Mapping Tool
**Open Beta - Registration Optional - Ad Free**For purchasers, optional registration provides you two valuable benefits: You will receive GolfCamHD R1 - Free of Charge when available AND a Discount Code* good for 25% off any purchase at our online Pro Shop at: These offers are worth significantly more than your entry fee for the GolfCamHD Open Beta - a great value!
Why GolfCamHD?
Ease of use and portability are paramount to golfers looking to use advanced technologies in their practice routines. If you are looking to use video as a practice aid, GolfCamHD will maximize the value of your range time and minimize the hassles of working with video. Just mount your device on your PerfectView or other device mount, start up GolfCamHD, align it to your practice station, and get to work. And with Voice Control* you will experience seamless video enabled practice sessions with near-zero physical interaction with your device - GolfCamHD will wait patiently as you practice until you give the command to capture, or even view, a swing.
GolfCamHD has all the tools you need, including HD video recording, tagging, auto and multi-play back, dual-pane video comparison, variable slow motion, and line drawing tools. We even include a GPS satellite range map to help you determine the distance to your target, and an alignment tool to help you align your device.
Main Features:
Video capture with GolfCamHD is pure simplicity. Just say "Start", or press the capture button, depending on mode (Voice Control or Manual). You can control timer mode (Voice Control required), club, tag and rating. Supported timer modes are 10, 20, and 30 seconds, and a 5 minute session mode* - great for recording teaching sessions. You can automatically play back the last video captured, a handy feature if you are working with an external display monitor that supports Miracast or Chromecast.
The Gallery organizes all your videos by date, tag, club, and rating. Select any number of videos for playback or editing (to edit stored tag values as a group). Videos are played back in the order you selected them - nice for viewing practice sessions on the golf course.
GolfCamHD includes two video viewers: a Media Player to watch your video in full HD, including soundtrack, and an Analytic Viewer with dual-pane comparison, slow motion study and video drawing tools. Our camera and viewer functionality is designed to capture and display video at the highest level of resolution supported by the optics chipset on your device (4K not supported). You can import other videos on your device into the Gallery, and you can share or copy videos to your choice of cloud storage directly from within the Gallery. We dont lock you into a private cloud, and there are no ads and no annual fees.
*Bluetooth headset, internet connection, and device with voice support required for Voice Control**Discount Code not applicable for purchases via affiliate links**Discount Code provided via confirmation email upon registration*
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